Fat Burning Exercises

August 23, 2009

Useful Ideas To Make Your Fat Burning Exercises More Effective

One or two simple changes to your existing routine of fat burning exercises can take you to a whole new level in your fitness and help you to burn more fat.

Here are some suggestions to add some zing to your regular training regime and keep you excited about exercising.

1.  Mix things up

It is important to keep your body continuously challenged if you wish to enhance your fitness, decrease your body fat, or increase your muscle strength. It is relatively simple to attain any or all of these without having to alter your regime a lot.

If you are a regular walker or runner, try including some extra hills. Alternatively, if you use cardio machines at the gym or at home such as a Treadmill, increase the incline or the speed.

For weight training, you can try lifting more weight or simply increase the number of sets or repetitions you do.

2.  Include supersets in your resistance training routine

Introducing supersets to your weight training routine will not only enhance your muscle mass, it is superb for adding some extra muscle definition. Supersets are also great if you’re in a hurry, due to no resting time between each exercise, making your routine quicker to get through.

A superset means to complete a set of one type of exercise, then do another set of another exercise straight away. There are three types of styles for you to pick from:

*  Same muscle group superset – uses the same muscle group in each superset. The initial one being a compound movement. Compound meaning more than one joint being used. The second part of the superset then uses an isolated movement, meaning just one joint is employed to work the muscle. An example of an identical muscle group superset for your back would be one set of dumbbell rows followed by one set of prone rows.
*  Alternating superset – uses totally different groups of muscles for a superset. Such as performing one set of walking lunges using dumbbells, followed by a set of upright rows using a barbell.
*  Antagonist/Agonist superset – uses opposite muscle groups for example, chest followed by back (one set of chest press and one set of lateral pulldown).

3.  Go hard!

Sometimes with exercise and resistance training, you may feel a bit swamped with all of the technical jargon you need to think about – repetitions, sets, the best heart rate for you to train at, and so on. Why not forget all of that for a change and simply train hard at whatever exercise you have planned for the day.

If you’re cycling choose an alternative route than you would normally pick and just go for it! Don’t keep checking your heart rate if you are used to doing so, rather sustain a high intensity until you need a break. After a short breather, go some more.

If you usually do interval training, don’t time yourself in between each interval, just keep going until you need a rest. Have a rest until you are ready to go some more. Continue your intervals in this manner.

When weight training, rather than counting your repetitions, just perform as many as you can until your muscles feel fatigued. Rest for a minute then repeat another set, try adding an extra five more reps this time.

4.  Purchase some new gear

Why not purchase some new exercise clothing to increase your self-confidence and really feel great when you’re out there doing your regular training regime. Even if others don’t notice, you’ll feel fabulous within yourself, wearing your brand new training clothing.

5.  Interval workouts

Incorporating intervals into your regime is an outstanding way to boost your fat burning exercises. Try adding 60 second bursts into any of your cardio activities such as running, treadmill workouts, elliptical exercise, swimming, or cycling. If you’re used to walking, try running for one minute bursts.

6.  Join a different class

If you belong to a gym that has lots of different classes, try one you’ve never tried before, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Some recommended classes to burn fat are cycle, body combat, basic training, or body pump.

7.  Choose your most enjoyable exercises

It’s so easy to stop doing your fat burning exercises routine when you are bored and lack motivation. Try some enjoyable activities such as kayaking, tennis, badminton, volleyball, or even just walking with a friend.

With any luck these suggestions will offer you some good things to consider if you want to change your workouts to keep yourself motivated and eager for your next session.


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